Caed Agnew

At the ripe age of 15 Caed is the youngest member of Bicycle Annie by some 30 years.  Caed picked up the guitar in May of 2015 (at 13 yrs. old) and just over a year later his professional career took off.  Although the term "prodigy" has been tossed around,  Caed practices and studies guitar for hours upon hours each day fine-tuning his craft.

Caed's playing ability is that of a seasoned professional guitarist which comes out onstage when you hear his bluesy riffs, wild leads and smooth style, which is why it's hard to believe that Caed Agnew has been playing guitar for just less than 2 years. Caed's skill and natural talent are on full display when he picks up his Custom ‘98 Fender Mexican Strat (MIM) or his 2014 Custom G&L Legacy, plugs it into his ‘72 Crate tube amp and cuts loose.

While you can catch Caed playing full-time with Bicycle Annie, Caed does sit in with other artists from time to time, including one of the nation’s up and coming blues sensations, A.J. Fullerton.  Caed has also played with Paul Roach of The Oxymorons and others.  Caed's parents do find it a bit strange that their son’s talent finds them in bars until the wee hours of the morning. The family understands the business side of the music industry as Caed's father grew up with music in his family and currently manages several artists’ websites and social media on a global level.