Bob Overton

They said I had to write a bio, hell at my age I’ve forgotten more than I remember so I will keep it short. I was born in 1951 which makes me both the oldest and the newest member of Bicycle Annie. I started playing with the band in November of 2016.

Being a HARD CORE ROCKER, my first paid gig was in 1973 playing bass in a Country Band. Because country / country rock bands seemed to be the only bands working steadily, I played in a lot of country bands over the years. In 2003 I took a break from playing for various reasons, took my sound equipment and started DJing and doing sound for events and other bands.

A couple of years ago I decided I needed to play bass in a working band again. Living in Gunnison, I knew I would have to travel to find a band playing at the level I was looking for. After playing with a couple of practice bands I was excited to be invited to join Bicycle Annie. I couldn’t have asked for better musicians to work with, BETTER YET A ROCK BAND. So, yes, I do make the drive to Grand Junction play with these guys.