Bicycle Annie

Hailing from diverse backgrounds and music histories, the musicians in Bicycle Annie have one thing in common: a deep passion for playing and performing live music. High-energy shows, great songs and crowd-pleasing performances are what makes this band stand out.

Making appearances at Carbondale Mountain Fair, Garfield County Fair, Mike the Headless Chicken Fest, Fat Tire Fest, Grand Junction Music and Off-Road Fest, Fruita Thursday Night Concert Series, Downtown Music Fest and many more, Bicycle Annie is one of the busiest bands on the western slope. With an ever growing setlist of 90's-and-beyond favorites, Bicycle Annie never fails to delight the crowds.

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AK Kennedy

Aaron Kennedy, as in a.k.a AK, has lived between Colorado and California his whole life. He studied at Santa Monica College in California where he received his Associates of Arts in Music and Graphic Design. AK is currently studying Music and Animation at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado.

 Besides on stage with Bicycle Annie, you may have seen this crazy cat around the Grand Valley.  AK is a bit of a legend in region and almost everywhere he goes people know him. Ak has been apart of Bicycle Annie for over 3 years, his dedication and commitment to the band is noble. He is not only a seasoned professional musician but he is also an artist in the truest form.  His understanding of how to paint a story through his singing and performance is second to none. You'll catch AK climbing on chairs, running through the crowd, and get this, even dancing down the bar all while playing his guitar backwards. He certainly isn't your average singer, performer or guitarist as he sure knows how to grab the audience's attention and puts on an amazing show!


Jeff Steele

Born in northern California, Jeff moved to Grand Junction, Colorado at the tender age of 5. He got his first drum kit at age 14. Largely self-taught, he spent most of his teenage years banging the skins to Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band and Rush.

Moving to Denver after high school, Jeff and a friend formed a country band that played steadily in the area for more than 5 years. During this time, Jeff honed his drumming skills and developed his natural talent for back-up vocals. In the late 90’s, family and school became his main focus. Though he never lost his love of performing, circumstances did not allow him to continue playing.

After a nearly 14 year hiatus and a move back to Grand Junction, Jeff started playing again in 2011, performing with several bands around town. Then, in early 2013, Jeff and two friends started the band that would become Bicycle Annie. They gained immediate popularity in the Grand Valley and remain one of the busiest bands this side of the mountain.

Jeff's passion for performing has grown and now his greatest love is being on stage and performing for crowds of any size.



Caed Agnew

At the ripe age of 15 Caed is the youngest member of Bicycle Annie by some 30 years.  Caed picked up the guitar in May of 2015 (at 13 yrs. old) and just over a year later his professional career took off.  Although the term "prodigy" has been tossed around,  Caed practices and studies guitar for hours upon hours each day fine-tuning his craft.

Caed's playing ability is that of a seasoned professional guitarist which comes out onstage when you hear his bluesy riffs, wild leads and smooth style, which is why it's hard to believe that Caed Agnew has been playing guitar for just less than 2 years. Caed's skill and natural talent are on full display when he picks up his Custom ‘98 Fender Mexican Strat (MIM) or his 2014 Custom G&L Legacy, plugs it into his ‘72 Crate tube amp and cuts loose.

While you can catch Caed playing full-time with Bicycle Annie, Caed does sit in with other artists from time to time, including one of the nation’s up and coming blues sensations, A.J. Fullerton.  Caed has also played with Paul Roach of The Oxymorons and others.  Caed's parents do find it a bit strange that their son’s talent finds them in bars until the wee hours of the morning. The family understands the business side of the music industry as Caed's father grew up with music in his family and currently manages several artists’ websites and social media on a global level.


Bob Overton

They said I had to write a bio, hell at my age I’ve forgotten more than I remember so I will keep it short. I was born in 1951 which makes me both the oldest and the newest member of Bicycle Annie. I started playing with the band in November of 2016.

Being a HARD CORE ROCKER, my first paid gig was in 1973 playing bass in a Country Band. Because country / country rock bands seemed to be the only bands working steadily, I played in a lot of country bands over the years. In 2003 I took a break from playing for various reasons, took my sound equipment and started DJing and doing sound for events and other bands.

A couple of years ago I decided I needed to play bass in a working band again. Living in Gunnison, I knew I would have to travel to find a band playing at the level I was looking for. After playing with a couple of practice bands I was excited to be invited to join Bicycle Annie. I couldn’t have asked for better musicians to work with, BETTER YET A ROCK BAND. So, yes, I do make the drive to Grand Junction play with these guys.