AK Kennedy

Aaron Kennedy, as in a.k.a AK, has lived between Colorado and California his whole life. He studied at Santa Monica College in California where he received his Associates of Arts in Music and Graphic Design. AK is currently studying Music and Animation at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado.

 Besides on stage with Bicycle Annie, you may have seen this crazy cat around the Grand Valley.  AK is a bit of a legend in region and almost everywhere he goes people know him. Ak has been apart of Bicycle Annie for over 3 years, his dedication and commitment to the band is noble. He is not only a seasoned professional musician but he is also an artist in the truest form.  His understanding of how to paint a story through his singing and performance is second to none. You'll catch AK climbing on chairs, running through the crowd, and get this, even dancing down the bar all while playing his guitar backwards. He certainly isn't your average singer, performer or guitarist as he sure knows how to grab the audience's attention and puts on an amazing show!